Sunday, April 1, 2012

NEW: Double fleece Blankets

                                                   Cupcakes on Pink - so sweet

Here, at last, are the beautiful, double layer, tied  fleece blankets.  They are roughly 58 x 48 before being tied.  They are the perfect kid's blanket or lap blanket for a nice spring nap. 

They are soft and cozy, yet wear like iron.  There are 8 blankets ready to sell.  with more boy styles on the way!

100% polyester  100% machine wash and dryable   They do not shrink. 

            Donation  $ 27

         plus postage  $ 7.50

How to buy a blanket:

1.. Choose your blanket from the ones on the blog  site.

2.  Email Pam to hold the blanket for you.

3. Pay by pay-pal
 mail a check to Pam  (saves the transaction fee) 

Pam Bean
6701 N. Seventh St.
Fresno, California  93710



  1. OK, girl! I want to order a blanket and a hat and donate it to a Harmony House cutie!! Is your paypal address, your email????

  2. Email me to let me know and I will order right away:):) You pick which ones for me! They are all too cute and I can't decide:):) LOL!